Tadam !

IVRY-SUR-SEINE | 2021-2022

Tadam! is a practical radio training workshop with children who have recently immigrated to France and are staying at the emergency shelter in Ivry-sur-Seine. This shelter – which has its very own school – is a trial program carried out in collaboration with the Paris and Créteil school boards.

The children at the emergency shelter school have had a difficult, even painful, migratory journey, and arriving in France is far from the end of their hardship: there are still many social hurdles and red tape to overcome. This is an opportunity to take a break, take the load off and get administrative assistance. Tadam! is a fun, creative, group project. We believe that radio – which is a place to speak and listen – can be an asset in providing migrants with an opportunity to build relationships among themselves and with the host country.


With Tadam!, we put our faith in fiction: we work with school children through music, a universal language that opens the door to a world where imagination and reality are linked. Setting up a Radiobox in the shelter and organizing radio broadcasting workshops, is an opportunity for participants to root their experience as migrants in a continuum, rather than starting anew or letting go of who they are.

A project carried out by Alice Lefilleul and Tidiane Thiang with the children of the emergency shelter in Ivry-sur-Seine.

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