The Making Waves team is made up of directors and radio journalists, men and women with backgrounds in performing arts, non-profit organizations, social affairs and international solidarity.

CEO and co-founder Amélie Billault @

Editorial director and co-founder Alexandre Plank @

Director of Integration and Popular Education Mohammed Bensaber @

Development Manager Eva Giaoui @

Administrative and financial manager (Making Noise) Marion Boucherat @

Producer and educational advisor Hervé Marchon@

Integration studio supervisor Clément Nouguier @

Administration Manager Romain Chmiela @

Administration and project management officer, work-study programme Sarah Maubert @

Work-study communications manager Joëlle Nzuzi @

Radiobox development and construction Anthony Capelli @

Logistics coordinator Momar Fall @

Studio coordinator Jay Magen @

Directors, technicians Bocar Diawara · Fatoumata Karamoko · Catherine Mendy · Basma Nasser · Brandy Neumager · Matthias Thirant · Dorian Verloppe


The associated collective brings together authors, producers, radio directors and journalists. Working alongside us, they create podcasts and broadcasts, support the employees of the integration studio and offer workshops, training courses and special events. On our premises, they have workspaces and production studios for their various projects. Their status varies: freelance, intermittent or fixed-term.

Khaled Abdelkader Director • Mariannick Bellot screenwriter and director • Antoine Berry Roger actor and director • Sonia Déchamps journalist, author & editor • Laure Egoroff director and adapter • Thomas Guillaud-Bataille director and sound designer • Pauline Josse journalist • Robert Kieffer electronics engineer • Fabienne Laumonier director and radio producer • Aude Lavigne journalist and radio producer • Alice Lefilleul journalist, researcher and teacher • Louise Loubrieu director, adaptor and trainer • Cerise Maréchaud journalist and radio producer • Romain Masson journalist and radio producer • Antoine Richard director and sound designer • Tessa Robinson journalist and radio producer Valéria Stasi journalist and trainer • Tidiane Thiang director and radio producer • Antoine Tricot journalist et radio documentarist


The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors support Making Waves in its strategic choices, contribute to its development and participate in the global reflection on the project we are implementing.

PRÉSIDENTE Cécile Hamon, head of events at the BNF, former director of the Centre National du Théâtre and former project manager at the French Ministry of Culture

SECRÉTAIRE Claire Richard, journalist, author and radio producer

TRÉSORIER Laurent Chéreau, Administrative and Communications Manager at SIDI (Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l’Investissement)

Members of the Board of Directors: Stéphane Braunschweigstage director and director of the Théâtre National de l’Odéon • Nadine Castellani, Director Orange France Communication Strategy Innovation and startups – Jean-Loup Graton, retired, former deputy director of France Culture and former head of events at the BNF (National Library of France) • Caroline Guiela Nguyen, director and artistic director of Compagnie des Hommes Approximatifs – France • Frédérique Roussel, journalist at Libération • Clémentine Sinquin, Projects and Campaigns Officer, Oxfam Centrafrique

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