“Gypsies, bohemians, gypsies, chicken thieves…” they wearily recite the list of names given to them, a lexicon of exclusion that goes back a long way, a litany of banalization.

From Lille to Paris, this documentary series tells the stories of those who prefer to call themselves Travelers.

Where they live, Fanny Blondeau gathered their testimonies and those of the volunteers working with them. In five episodes, she gives a voice to people from Roma communities, so that the story isn’t always told from the same side.


The Travelers series was recorded and directed by Fanny Blondeau.

Episode 1: Une beau cerveau – Over coffee with Pepene, Minget and the inhabitants of the Hellemmes-Ronchin reception area

Episode 2: Moitié-voyageur – An afternoon in Paris, with actor Logan de Carvalho

Episode 3: Difficile – A Sunday morning with Gigi in the shantytown of Bavay, near downtown Lille

Épisode 4: Voilà voilà – A musical interlude in Paris with Mitko and his synthesizer

Episode 5: Il faut le dire – A look back at the Hellemmes-Ronchin welcome tune with Maya and Pruna

Bonus: A round table discussion at the Médiathèque Matéo Maximoff in Paris with Anthony Ikni (Collectif National Droits de l’Homme Romeurope), Leny Mauduit (Association FNASAT) and Geneviève Kindt (Collectif Solidarité Rom Lille).

Many thanks to : Pruna, Sue-Ellen, Pepene, Minget, Jean, Maya, Soraya, Melia, the families and children of the Hellemmes-Ronchin reception center, Benjamin, Logan, Gigi, Pavel, Tibor, Flori, the residents of the Bavay site, Mitko, Leny, Mirabella, Anthony, Estelle

This series was supported by the Délégation interministérielle de lutte contre le racisme, l’antisémitisme et la haine anti-LGBT (Dilcrah).


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