SAJE Radio
A collaborative endeavor with the 20th arrondissement Daytime Education Access Service

PARIS | 2020-2021

The 20th arrondissement Service d’Accueil de Jour Educatif (SAJE – Daytime Education Access Service) helps children between the age of 5 and 13. The Children Social Care Office requests their admission when there’s reason to suspect a family cannot provide a framework for education and parental authority.

The SAJE is there to help parents and children stem the cycle of destruction, violence and failure to prevent minors from being placed in foster care.

Once they have been accepted for an 18-month program, these children and their families take part in a program of daily activities around five main issues: education, school, social behavior as well as physical and mental health. In 2020, the teaching staff at the SAJE and Making Wavesteamed up to have a Radiobox in the facilities and organize workshops to deal with all of these issues at once. It is a place for children, parents, and educators to come together around microphones and collective, educational and cultural projects.


Relevant to both the educational and the extracurricular activities of the SAJE, this project is there to prevent minors from failing, dropping out of school or being expelled. Radio is a place for calm, constructive debates and to share knowledge and skills. It is a tool to structure collaborative endeavors, improve public speaking skills and promote various skills. It’s also an opportunity for minors to learn in ways that are adapted to their needs and to discover new, unusual territories. A radio station is a place to speak and share, and therefore be an opportunity to mend relationships: between these youths and their parents, their schools and society around them.

SAJE Radio was created by Making Waves and the SAJE (Service d’Accueil de Jour Educatif – Daytime Education Access Service) in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

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