Keeping the countryside alive
In the footsteps of those who make rural areas living spaces


Keeping the countryside alive is a series produced by the 2022/2023 class of students in the Master 2 Media & Digital Creation program at the University of Burgundy, as part of a workshop on sound narration and radio documentaries.

With the assistance of sound designer Antoine Tricot, sociologist Jérôme Berthaut and scientist Benoït Coquard.

Many of us have lived and still live in the countryside. In areas that are often portrayed as being in decline, bleak and deserted.

The countryside is not a desert
They’re alive and well

In France, over 22 million people live in the countryside, in places that have little to do with each other. Some are becoming depopulated, others are attracting more and more people, some are in decline, while others are more dynamic than the city centers.

To better understand what keeps the countryside alive, we visited a number of Burgundy’s villages and towns, and compared them with our own experiences and with the thoughts of researchers.

We take you to health centers, neo-rurals, sports associations, industrial wastelands, forest conservationists and women trade unionists.

Episode 1: The neo-rural campaign

Episode 2: Sonia, a woman trade unionist in the countryside

Episode 3: When soccer makes the village sing

Episode 4: Villagers protect the forest

Episode 5: Rural wasteland

Episode 6: An oasis in a medical desert

Produced by: Mounir Belbaghdadi; Déböna Bele; Lise Bonnardot; Louis Chevalier; Vincent Constant; Hugo Courville; Nicolas Da Silva; Sihame El Hassouni; Emma Lahalle; Morgane Modin; Tanguy Le Moëlle; Jeremy Philippe; Jean Porcher; Andreas Przybyla; Amir Zanbaa.

Coordination and mixing: Antoine Tricot of Making Waves.

Theme music: Le Matin – Cognette.


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