“What’s Europe? What’s the point of being part of this club of 27 countries? “Europe stands for peace, democracy and freedom. Europe is in Brussels; but what does Europe do for me, for us on a daily basis?”

The Europe Neighborhoods podcast sets out to answer this highly topical, concrete and political question. Directed by Cerise Maréchaud, the series immerses viewers in 5 structures or projects located in working-class neighborhoods or aimed at vulnerable groups, for which the support of the European Union has been essential. Each episode shows how the supranational meta-structure creates common ground on the scale of an association, a neighborhood or a community. It shows how, by seizing on the European Commission’s policy guidelines and funding opportunities, local players are shaping solidarity, repairing vulnerable individuals, supporting them in their social integration, or making culture accessible to as many people as possible.

That’s why, in partnership with the Maison de l’Europe, Relais Culture Europe and with the support of the European Commission, Cerise Maréchaud immersed herself in the day-to-day life of structures working directly with disadvantaged citizens. In a short format, professionals and users tell us about their relationship with the place, what they do and find there, and the central role it can play in their lives. So that Europe is not just embodied in Brussels.

From institutions to the field

Épisode 1 : Episode 1: Coralis, welcoming and caring for female victims of assault

At the Maison des Femmes in Saint-Denis, Coralis, a new 24/7 care unit, takes care of women who have just suffered rape or sexual assault.

Episode 2: Cultivating the future at Sevran’s organic gardens

In the heart of the Pont-Blanc housing estate in Sevran, Seine-Saint-Denis, the “Jardins biologiques” combine market gardening and social and professional integration. Founded in 1997 by the Aurore Association, these urban gardens, grown on a former wasteland, have become a “Atelier Chantier d’Insertion” (job placement workshop) that helps people in difficulty – those in precarious situations, long-term unemployed, disabled, without stable housing or refugees – find employment.

Director: Cerise Maréchaud


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