Dianké is a political series in twelve 20-minute episodes.

This series – in French, Bambara, Hausa, Fula and a hint of Wolof – is the first native West African podcast. It was broadcast in July 2020 on RFI and over a hundred radio stations that we teamed up with in Africa. Produced by AFD, CFI and the NGO RAES, Dianké is the journey of a young woman who, against all odds, runs for elected office in her hometown.

Somewhere in a big Western African city, Dianké, a young woman from a polygamous family, works in a small transportation company. Though skilled and hard-working, she is fired after refusing that the drivers she was supervising bribe the authorities. Incensed, she shoots a video in which she condemns the corruption that is eating away at her country and driving so many nationals to leave. This video goes viral and changes her life: for many, Dianké is the symbol of this young generation’s political action, trapped in a world whose rules she opposes. To fight, and although she has no money or support, the young woman must challenge a whole system: the rotten patriarchal, corrupt political system of her country.

An audio series

Written by Insa Sané

With: Aida Sock, Adama Diop, Alioune Badara Ndiaye, Josephine Zambo, Mentor Ba, Badou Ba, Yaye Diaw Seck, Emile Edmond Faye, Cristal, Massaer Diop, Malick Diouf, Makhtar Diouf, Aminata Mbaye, Mamyto, Ndiokhite, Nicolas Sarr, Cheikh Wade

Directors: Alexandre Plank et Tidiane Thiang
Script collaborator: Mariannick Bellot
Sound design: Mathieu Touren
Music: Ka’B and Abdoulay Sissoko
Production manager: Khady Kebe
Production coordinator: Marie Diallo
Régie : Aminata Diop et Hassan Ba
Script supervisor: Aïcha Ndiaye
Producer: Romain Masson
Technical and artistic collaborators: Making Waves
Production: RAES

Dianké was nominated for the Prix Europa, won the Music Award at the 2020 Paris Podcast Festival and was one of the ten 2020 Apple Podcast favorites

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