Experimenting and designing the Radiobox

For several months, a group of Radio France engineers and radio directors, students and lecturers from the Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Création Industrielle got together to research and come up with the Radiobox: a simple, light and user-friendly, battery-powered mobile studio for radio broadcasting, accessible to minorities and outcasts. The concept of the Radiobox comes from previous missions we carried out in developing countries, welfare institutions and refugee camps. Between 2016 and 2018 we organized radio workshops with NGOs and foundations (in France, the Central African Republic, Senegal, Mali, South Africa, Mexico and Iranian Kurdistan…)

Gathering and building the collective

The collective (made of Radio France directors and engineers, journalists, lecturers, social workers and international solidarity professionals…) got together and organized itself, created the nonprofit organization and elected its board.

Structuring and leading projects

Structuring and leading projects An NGO department (Making Waves NGO) was created within the collective to provide access to radio production tools, thus encouraging new opportunities to share and speak freely. A creative studio was also set up to make radio content with a strong social impact ((Making Waves Studio). The organization switches between producing radio content and carrying out subsidized social and solidarity projects, in France and around the world.

Growing & creating new activities

The organization created a Work Integration Department (Making Waves Insertion) to provide services to vulnerable women and men struggling greatly to find employment. This initiative started in March 2021.


Our organization is made of radio directors, producers, journalists, musicians, sound engineers, social workers and lecturers.

Mohammed Bensaber
Conseiller en insertion
Mohammed trained as a social worker and is currently working as a librarian; he helps Making Waves carry out in its outreach and work integration programs.
Amélie Billault
CEO and co-founder
Amelie spent ten years managing cultural projects before turning to social projects with various NGOs; she then co-founded Making Waves.
Anthony Capelli
Musician and sound engineer
Anthony is a composer, musician and an electronics engineer working mostly in theater and radio. He also designed and put together our Radioboxes.
Romain Chmiela
Administrative manager
Romain is currently doing a master’s degree in Project Management. He previously worked as an assistant director in theater and opera.
Malika Beloucif
Chargée d'insertion
Malika Beloucif prépare un master en ESS à l'université Paris 8. Elle travaille au sein du pôle MW Insertion et accompagne les salarié.es en insertion dans leur projet socio-professionnel.
Tidiane Thiang
Director & Producer
Tidane is a director and producer; he has produced and directed many audio documentaries and dramas for vulnerable or underrepresented audiences.
Pauline Josse
Une oreille attentive aux soubresauts de l'actualité chez franceinfo, l'autre sensible aux récits au temps long chez Louie Média, Pauline Josse aime entendre des voix et surtout les donner à entendre.
Cerise Maréchaud
Journaliste et productrice radio, Cerise Maréchaud anime des ateliers de création et d'expression sonores avec les enfants comme les adultes.
Laure Egoroff
Director and adapter
Laure directs radio fiction programs for various radio channels such as France Culture and France Inter. She has also adapted many texts for radio.
Joana Gouin
Graphic designer and illustrator
Joana is specialized in graphic design and scientific illustration; she mostly works on projects that have a significant social and environmental impact.
Alice Lefilleul
Journalists and university professor
Alice has produced many programs and strives to devise new tools for radio as a means of communication and empowerment.
Hervé Marchon
Head of the Work Integration Program
Hervé is a journalist (Libération), radio producer and director (Radio France), lecturer (INA, journalism schools) who listens to the radio day and night.
Romain Masson
International projects coordinator
Romain is a producer and a director at Radio France and the NGO Raes. He previously worled as a diplomat, a journalist, and a film director working for Arte, Doctors of the World and Canal+
Aïcha Ndiaye
Film director and video maker
Aïcha lives in Dakar where she is a film director and script supervisor on films and audio dramas. She co-directed three short films and one documentary.
Alexandre Plank
Artistic Director and co-founder
Alexandre is a radio producer and director, he’s worked for France Culture, RTBF, RTS, Deutschlandradio and won the Prix Italia in 2016 and 2020, the SGDL Prize and the Phonurgia Nova Prize.
Antoine Richard
Director and sound designer
Antoine is a sound designer for theater and radio, endeavoring to remove barriers between different types of sound creation. He won the Prix Italia, the SGDL Prize and the Phonurgia Nova Prize.
• PRÉSIDENTE : CÉCILE HAMON, administratrice indépendante et ancienne directrice du Centre National du Théâtre, chargée de mission auprès du cabinet de la Ministre de la Culture et de la Communication
• SECRÉTAIRE : CLAIRE RICHARD, journaliste, autrice et productrice radio
• TRÉSORIER : LAURENT CHÉREAU, Responsable administratif et communication SIDI (Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l'Investissement)


• STÉPHANE BRAUNSCHWEIG, metteur en scène et directeur du Théâtre National de l'Odéon
• NADINE CASTELLANI, directrice Orange France Stratégie de Communication Innovation et startups
• JEAN-LOUP GRATON, retraité, ancien directeur adjoint de France Culture et ancien responsable de l’événementiel de la BNF
• CAROLINE GUIELA NGUYEN, metteuse en scène et directrice artistique de la Compagnie des Hommes Approximatifs
• FRÉDÉRIQUE ROUSSEL, journaliste à Libération
• CLÉMENTINE SINQUIN, chargée de projets et campagnes, ‎Oxfam Centrafrique